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Success is not achieved in a short time. It does not happen all of a sudden. It takes years of hard work, patience and discipline. The starting point of any achievement is a desire to succeed. Highly successful people have dreams. They set their goals which are specific and they have an ardent desire to reach their destination. Once the destination is defined, the path to reach it can be planned. The plan includes schedules, time management, discipline and persistence. Achievers are highly motivated. They set aside time everyday for practice and training. They make sacrifices in order to accommodate the activities which help them to reach their goal. They invest their time in improving their skills.

However, many people give up half way. They get discouraged when they do not get the expected result in a short time. Keeping at it is what helps in attaining success. To attain a high level of proficiency in any area, there is the need to prioritize, to focus and to persist. Success depends upon the relentless pursuit of goals. Persistence plays a vital role in any effort to succeed.

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