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  • Refers to a planned sequence of instruction, or to a view of the student’s experiences in terms of the educator’s or school instructional goals. With instructional Content, Materials, Resources, and Processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives.
  • It is standardized and includes a high level of instructor or learner autonomy.

I. Foundational Stage : 5 years

Pre- Primary “A HOME AWAY FROM HOME.” Pre-Primary education helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth.

  • Nursery( 2.6 years)
  • LKG ( 3.6 years)
  • UKG ( 4.6 years)
  • Grade 1 ( 5.6 years)
  • Grade 2 ( 6.6 years )

The Play way method of teaching is adopted to focus on improving the student’s self-esteem, communication skills, social skills, language skills and mathematical skills.

Emphasis is on phonological and pre writing skills too.

II. Preparatory Stage : Primary

Grade 3 to 5

First Stage of Formal Education.

The innate talents and abilities of the students are harnessed to develop them into Life long learners and Global Leaders.

Curriculum is designed to provide fundamental skills in reading ,writing and mathematics skills. It includes classroom interactions and the element of discovery.

III. Middle School Stage

Grade 6 to 8

Emphasis is on Experiential and Blended Learning.

IV. Secondary Stage/ High School

Grade 9 and 10

Competency based learning and education.

Great emphasis is on critical, creative thinking, life aspirations and flexibility in the thought process .


Club Activities


This club has students of Grades 1 to 3. Under the guidance of the resource person ,students are taught Contemporary and freestyle dance forms.

Dance to students of grade 4 to 9 is taught by Agni Dance Steps.


Students learn different styles of model making involving artificial intelligence.


Chess as an option is taught to students during the Club Activities hour. The game helps them learn to concentrate, think logically, overcome obstacles, spot patterns and categorize information. It helps in the development of problem-solving skills, planning, patience, focus of thought and self-discipline.


Students are taught to weave plots, emote different feelings by enacting the stories and situations given to them by the resource person. Script writing and direction is also taught.

Instrumental Music

Different genres of music are taught along with instrumental music-guitar and keyboard.