Classes from the fourth grade to the seventh grade have  one session of Vocabulary based activities every week.  These classes aim at teaching and polishing spellings, grammar, pronunciation and syntax . The classes also reiterate the importance of values like time management,  quick thinking, basic aritmetic, teamwork and more  importantly the need to be honest.

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Radha Prathi

AddressHealth Education with Workbooks:

 We will provide your child health education on various topics supported by workbooks. The syllabus was designed by a team of health experts in consultation with educationalists. There will be eight interactive sessions conducted by doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses and nutritionists each year.

AddressHealth Check and Follow-up:

Our team of child-friendly doctors and paramedical staff willconduct a complete health check-up for your child which includes:

  • • Hearing
  • • Vision
  • • Height, weight, waist circumference
  • • Head-to- toe examination
  • • Dentistry
  • • Medical examination

We will contact you personally and counsel you individually in school, in case of any problem. We willalso generate an electronic health record (e-health record) which you can access anytime.

Counseling and Group Therapy:

Our school psychologists will screen and identify children who require help for issues related to mental health. These children will be placed in different groups. Each group will be counseled separately using a structured ‘Group Therapy’ session multiple times throughout the year.